Show #4 - Deaf is Not a Dirty Word

These ladies can't wait to talk about work. And they are Deaf.

Andria Alefhi interviews Em Madina Torres (vocational counselor), Brie Montoya (internet shopping customer specialist) and Miss Marsellette (real live dominatrix) at The Tank on 9/18/18.

The voices you hear are ASL interpreters as this interview was done in ASL.


Show #2 - Fake News

How do we get and keep our clients in a competitive world? How do we provide a needed, professional service that is viewed as a luxury item no one wants to pay for? Listening to work interviews a casting director, brand marketer and audiologist.


Sean DiSimone
Gabi Light Saint-Amour
Dr. Aaron Krasnick
Andria Alefhi

Show #1 - Who is the Client?

What do a child caretaker, drug counselor and acting director have in common? In sensitive work settings, do we have more than one client in the relationship? Can this cause conflict?

Come explore the humanity in our work and in ourselves.

Therapist Lu Lasson interviews Leslie Davis (counselor), Teresita Cuadrado (caretaker), and Harold Slazer (acting coach) about their own client experiences.