My Story

Interpreting was always easy for me. Effortless, in a way. If I could hear it, I could interpret it. It was not until I became hearing-impaired that I had to think twice about my ability to do my work, to think about my ability to literally hear to interpret. It was a blessing in disguise, as spiritually, this led me to appreciate what goes into listening. I wondered if others were thinking about the fine line between hearing their friends, family and clients, and truly listening. 

In a world of visual distraction, have we lost the thread that connects us person to person, hand to heart? Those of us doing client-centered work are connected by these challenges and rewards.

Listening to Work a concept around paying attention to each other and ourselves. In real terms, it is a live podcast recording about work, a live show all in ASL with Deaf panelists, artwork that bring education and humor to hearing loss, and ideally workshops and a zine in the future.