Deaf is Not a Dirty Word

About me: I am an ASL interpreter. I have personal and professional ties to the Deaf community that uses ASL in NYC and really, around the world. There are few opportunities for Deaf people to be on stage in general, as performers, and zero opportunity to be on stage to tell their own stories as an ongoing event, not part of a larger organized effort with an agenda, such as Deaf awareness days. This show is meant to replace the old-fashioned Deaf clubs that were a vital way for Deaf to gather and educate, socialize and also perform. NYC has a great long standing monthly show called ASL Slam. This is now only the 2nd ongoing Deaf event that is primarily a live podcast in ASL featuring the careers of Deaf people in NYC and secondarily a platform opportunity for performers and other ideas for Deaf people and those fluent in ASL. We thank The Tank for giving us the space to start this show (which began as Listening to Work with hearing folks and transitioned to this show in Sept 2018).